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Earworms (03/25)

No, I am not talking about the horrible scene in Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn. If you don’t know the scene I am talking about, consider yourself lucky.

I am talking about the term used to describe when you get a song stuck in your head.

Many people are set off by the theme music of a film or television show or advertisement. This is not coincidental, for such music is designed, in the terms of the music industry, to “hook” the listener, to be “catchy or “sticky” – to bore its, like an earwig, into the ear or mind; hence the term “earworms” -though one might be inclined to call them “brainworms” instead.

from Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia, p 45

Now the next time you get a song stuck in your head you can imagine it as a worm. You can thank me later.


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It’s gonna be that kind of mornin’ (02/28)

Remember when there was more to look forward to Saturday than a day off of work? Remember when they meant something? Do kids today even know what they are missing?  Well I have been trying to bring some of the magic back on Saturday mornings by watching season one of Pee Wee’s Playhouse –  & it’s just like 1987 all over again.

Oh the memories…and that voice. We all know that voice. It’s Cyndi Lauper, right?

Let me double check the credits to be sure…

see circled credit

see circled credit

Ellen Shaw?  Seems confusing but she and Cyndi Lauper are one in the same. The strange part is, Cyndi Lauper doesn’t use the “Ellen Shaw” pen name for anything else and I haven’t found out why she used it here. I will keep digging and keep you posted on what I find.

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