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Succubi & Champs (02/16)

My favorite South Park episode has got to be ‘Succubus’ from season 3.

The reason – Chef’s parents’ stories about the Loch Ness Monster and their repeated claims that they have seen him on multiple occasions, and are constantly harassed by him, as he tries to swindle them out of “Tree-fiddy” ($3.50). It still cracks me up to think of it.



There are plenty of stories about Nessie and I am sure that you have your favorite too (or maybe not).

But there is somebody that you don’t really hear as much about, unless you live in upstate New York near Lake Champlain, I suppose. The “somebody” I am referring to is “Champ”.



The photo above was taken in 1977 by Sandi Mansi.

Thousands of people, dating all the way back to the Abenaqi Indians, claim to have seen the creature. This very deep lake lies on the border of New York and Vermont and is accessed by sea through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The first recorded sighting took place when Samuel de Champlain came upon the lake in July 1609. During this expedition, the French explorer noted “a 20-foot serpent, with a horse-shaped head and body as thick as a keg.” Since then, sightings of the strange aquatic beast have been reported by over 300 people.

Perhaps the most intriguing evidence for Champ’s existence came from underwater microphones installed in 2003 by a team doing research for the Discovery Channel. The team picked up a high-pitched ticking and chirping noise like what a dolphin or whale makes. Obviously these creatures would not be in freshwater, many miles away from the ocean.

I wonder if he would ask for a few dollars more…

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