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Off with her head! & cats…(01/18)

Although Marie Antoinette did not live through the French Revolution, there is a legend that her cats did. The story goes like this:


Before her death, Marie Antoinette attempted to escape France with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. She loaded Clough’s ship with her most prized possessions, including six of her favorite long-haired cats. Although Antoinette did not make it to the United States, her pets safely reached the shores of Wiscasset, Maine, where they mated with short-haired breeds and evolved into the modern breed of the Maine Coon. (see below)

meow, meow)

(translation: meow, meow)

Personally, I always thought she had more of an affinity toward dogs. At least that is what Sophia Coppola has lead me to believe…

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