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Word of the Day… (01/26)

Often before going to bed, I like to read a book until I get drowsy. Still other times I enjoy playing a good game of Scrabble on my phone, such was the case last night.

It was during this game that the computer decided to play the word: FIAT

one can not 'fiated'

one can not 'fiated'

This frustrated me because I play by the rules and you CAN NOT use proper nouns. OK – I didn’t really think that the computer was trying to use a proper noun, I just didn’t know what the definition was. I wasn’t too upset about it as I did end up winning the game (318 – 211).

After gaining the satisfaction of winning, I decided to also gain the knowledge of a new definition – and here it is:

a formal authorization or proposition; a decree : adopting a legislative review program, rather than trying to regulate by fiat.
• an arbitrary order : the appraisal dropped the value from $75,000 to $15,000, rendering it worthless by bureaucratic fiat.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin, ‘let it be done,’ from fieri ‘be done or made.’

Now I encourage you do use the word in a sentence this week or at least use in your next game of Scrabble.

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