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I suppose people in Boston are as familiar with this story as Detroit is with the 69 riots, but I have to say it again – HOLY MOLASSES!

Aftermath of the Disaster

The Boston Molasses Disaster, also known as the Great Molasses Flood and the Great Boston Molasses Tragedy, occurred on January 15, 1919, in the North End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. A large molasses storage tank burst, and a wave of molasses rushed through the streets at an estimated 35 mph (56 km/h), killing 21 and injuring 150. The event has entered local folklore, and residents claim that on hot summer days, the area still smells of molasses.

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Stick cucumbers here…

A fun fact about learning fun facts!

During brunch yesterday, the topic of melons was brought up. It was an intense conversation of cantaloupe, honey dew, and watermelons. (side note: more people seem to prefer watermelon out of the the three)

Then suddenly I was able to throw a curve ball into the conversation when I was able to share something that I learned on March 7, 2007…

Cucumbers are a part of the Cucurbitaceae family, the same family as the cantaloupe.


Latin name: Cucumis sativus L. Family: Cucurbitaceae

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