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Did You Realize? (03/09)

At work we have a large sized wipe on which different questions appear on a fairly regular basis.

Today’s topic: Happiest Song You Know…

My answer was: “Do You Realize” by the Flaming Lips

That is when a co-worker of mine informed that “Do You Realize” had been made the official state rock song of Oklahoma. (apparently they picked a state song from each musical genre)

What a lovely tribute from the band’s home state.

read the story here.

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Bad to the Bone (03/08)

Unfortunately, I learned about this because it happened to one of my soccer teammates.

An avulsion fracture is the separation of a small fragment of bone cortex at the site of attachment of a ligament or tendon.

It occurs when an injury causes a ligament or tendon to tear off (avulse) a small piece of a bone to which it’s attached. The injury may be due to direct trauma, such as a hard tackle in football, or indirect trauma, such as an aggressive pivot in soccer or basketball.


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