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TASER (02/22)

I have always known what a TASER stun gun was, but never really considered what TASER stood for.

I was browsing through the latest edition of Time Magazine and found out where Jack Cover, the aerospace scientist who invented the Taser stun gun got the name. Are you ready?

Victor Appleton's Tom Swift series.

Victor Appleton's Tom Swift series.

Originally the invention went by the acronym T.S.E.R (Thomas Swift Electric Rifle).

“Adding the “A,” he explained to The Washington Post in 1976, “because we got tired of answering the phone ‘T.S.E.R.’ ”

Jack Cover Came up with the idea for a nonlethal weapon for use in law enforcement in the 1960s as a response to the emergencies in the news, including airplane highjackings.

The scientific inspiration, Ms. Cover said, was a newspaper article about a man who had inadvertently walked into an electrified fence and survived, though he was temporarily immobilized.

“When he read that had happened, he knew an electric current could be used without danger,” Ms. Cover said.

Sadly, Jack Cover passed away on February 7 at the age of 88.

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