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Spooky and Kooky (02/14)

Apparently there is a confirmed ghost that lives in an Indiana library.



It is part of Governor James Whitcomb’s collection that was donated to Asbury (now DePauw) University in the early 1800s. Included in the collection is one book purported to be haunted. Titled, “The Poems of Ossian, The Son of Fingal,” it is kept locked away in a special section of the library closed to the public.

Who stole Ossian?

Who stole Ossian?

This part of the story reminds of movie, “The Neverending Story”

For years a story has circulated about a boy who borrowed this book from the library in the 1800s. He became so engrossed reading it that when the library closed he snuck the book out of the library and took it to his room.

It was after midnight when he finished reading and turned out the lights. Later, he woke with a sense of not being alone.

When his eyes became adjusted to the darkness he saw a spectral finger pointing accusingly. Then he heard a voice speaking, “Who stole Ossian?”

A bony hand reached toward the boy, who swore he felt a finger touch his cheek. The boy returned the book first thing in the morning, telling the librarian he’d been visited by the ghost of Governor Whitcomb and promising he’d never take another restricted book out of the library.

Is it true? You decide.

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