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Joanne Woodard (02/09)

Not only was Joanne Woodward lucky enough to be married to the late, great Paul Newman –


But 39 years ago on February 9, 1960 she was awarded the very first star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame.


And in case you didn’t know;

Hollywood Walk of Fame is an area which consists of eighteen blocks which have been named after the present and past Stars of Hollywood in their honor.

This sidewalk was designed by Californian artist Oliver Weismuller in 1958 to give the place a better look.

In 1978 the Walk of Fame was nominated as a Historic Landmark.

The sidewalk is maintained by the Hollywood Historic Trust and people can get a star on this sidewalk by attending a presentation ceremony and paying a certain fee to the Trust for its maintenance.

All our best to you Joanne Woodard…

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A Diary of Beasts (02/08)

As I continued to read my book The First Eden, I learned theĀ  term for something I am sure we have all seen before:


Page of Bestiary

A bestiary was a manuscript containing collections of stories (such as the one with Alexander the Great and the salamanders) and descriptions about animals. Usually illustrated, they were comprised of more than one author and included dimly remembered classical writers, from local folk tales, but least of all, from first-hand observations.

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