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Mae I ask you a question? (01/21)

Part I

Everyone knows Mae West. Even if you have never seen a her in a film, I am sure you  know at least one of her famous lines.

i.e. “Why don’t you come up an see me sometime..ooh”

Grant & West in She Done Him Wrong

Grant & West in She Done Him Wrong

Part II

Everyone knows who Roseanne is – (that’s why she doesn’t even need a last name!)

And when we think of her we probably remember her like this:


Lookin' good Arnolds!

Part III

Well here is what I learned: Mae West is one of Roseanne’s favorite comedians (Redd Foxx is her other fave). Not entirely interesting or surprising, but news to me.

Part IV

What is interesting is that learning part III of this entry makes me believe a little theory of mine even more…

About a year ago I saw my first Mae West film, She Done Him Wrong. As I was watching I couldn’t help but to be reminded of post plastic surgery Roseanne.

I had forgotten all about that thought until I watched Myra Breckinridge the other day and now I am sure (or at least there is a good chance) that Roseanne’s goal was to look a little more like her idol.

Am I right?

Am I right?

The resemblance is uncanny, if you ask me.

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